A story about jinn

In the beginning, three were created. Man made of clay.

A story about jinn

By Hank Wesselman PhD. January 8th, Last Sunday Jan.

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Our travel group was exploring a large mortuary temple called Medinet Habu near the Valley of the Kings on December 10 when two of my friends, Lorenzo and Coyote aka Lawrence and Barrytold me they had gotten a huge energy surge in a small shrine near the entrance of the complex.

I went back to the shrine to check it out and after admiring a carved granite altar stone at the entrance, I followed my protocol of announcing who I was and what my purpose was for being there, then I asked permission to enter.

Upon stepping into the building, I felt something… it seemed large and rather neutral in its energy expression. I walked cautiously into a narrow corridor whose walls were covered with hieroglyphs.

A story about jinn

The passageway created a stone-roofed walkway that wrapped around the perimeter of the central room itself creating a building within a building.

I paused in the dim corridor, perhaps twelve feet high, and closed my eyes. I waited, then amped up, causing my energy body to surge dramatically.

I have written about my ability to do this in my Spiritwalker Trilogy.

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Immediately, I felt a presence. It was right there in the corridor with me. I cracked open an eye. Just the tall, dim passageway before and behind me. Whatever it was, it was invisible. My attention was drawn to the wall to my right and I was started to see an eyeball on the wall—a single living eyeball that suddenly swiveled to look directly at me.

Surprised to say the least I opened both my eyes and the eye on the wall disappeared as my consciousness shifted to be replaced by a flat hieroglyph behind it carved as an eye. Was it the building itself that was observing me, I wondered? I had no chance to find out as we were on a schedule… But a day later, we were on our cruise ship heading south up the Nile River toward Edfu, and the group had gathered to do shamanic journeywork in the meeting room behind the bar in the afternoon.

I had my drum for sonic liftoff and it was my suggestion that each person bring up a memory of one of the sites that we had visited over the past few days, a place with which they felt a strong connection. And then, following that energetic connection, they would journey back there to investigate the site at the transpersonal level assisted by my drum.

I decided to journey back to the Habu temple, to find out who was living in the shrine. To cut to the chase, I discovered there was a Jinn living in the shrine or to be more precise, a jinni genie since it was male female Jinn are called jinniya.

A story about jinn

Once before in Egypt I had encountered a Jinn in —a full article will be posted under Shaman Wisdom shortly. Formed of holy fire energy and normally invisible but capable of becoming visible at their pleasure, the Jinn are spirits who live in usually lonely places in Nature.

They come in three varieties, flying Jinn, earthbound Jinn and water Jinn. They may fall into the same category as the faeries since they live in this world not the spirit world. If they come into relationship with you and you cannot control them, they may very well control you and this can cause serious problems, so I approached the jinni in the shrine with caution.

We then had an extraordinary conversation directed by my inner anthropologist, of course, who knows how to ask the right questions.Majlis al Jinn, also Majlis al-Jinn (Arabic: مجلس الجن ‎, meeting/gathering place of the Jinn, local name: Khoshilat Maqandeli) is the second-largest known cave chamber in the world, as measured by the surface area of the floor.

It ranks lower when measured by volume. The cave is located in a remote area of the Selma Plateau at 1, metres above sea level in the Sultanate of Oman. ^ SPIRIT MAN JINN 3 Our communication with everyone is according to the level of his or her understanding.

AHMED HULUSI If you are not able to reach the ripeness of having a. Netflix has ordered its first Arabic original series, a young adult fantasy drama Jinn from team behind Theeb and Very Big Shot. We already know that animals have suffered under the yolk of humans for millennia.

In this lovely translation of the medieval animal fable, both the animals (in various groupings of mammal tribes, birds, etc.) and humans send their respective representatives to the court of the divine Jinn for arbitration. Jinn (Arabic: الجن ‎, al-jinn), also Romanized as djinn or Anglicized as genies (with the more broad meaning of spirits or demons, depending on source) are supernatural creatures in early pre-Islamic Arabian and later Islamic mythology and lausannecongress2018.com are not a strictly Islamic concept, rather they may be various pagan beings integrated into Islam.

When the old guardian of the moon retires, the mischievous Mune is chosen as his successor, but he worries he's not up to the job.

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