Acc1002 mock paper

Examples of assets would be computers, delivery trucks, furniture, and buildings. A balance sheet has two categories: Liabilities are the debts and obligations of a business. Liabilities represent c claims of creditors on the assets of business.

Acc1002 mock paper

I think this component killed me, because I remember making a ton of careless mistakes, even though the paper was really easy. Time management is also very important, so do a lot of practices provided by seniors in the extensive test banks.

There is relatively little time to puzzle over unfamiliar questions, so try to cover every single topic and variation of question that can appear. All I can say is, every mark counts. Perhaps going for the tutorials are sufficient.

These notes are very helpful when you are studying for the finals. It is also one of the modules in Biz with the gentler bell curves. Finals were easy for me. I think I probably got a B- or lower for this component, which was what pulled me down. I survived this module without speaking more than twice the whole semester.

If you screw up two components, goodbye A.

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The bell curve is to be feared for this module. You feel the full weight of all your mistakes throughout the semester. I suppose they never really read their textbooks before the exam, then.

Or quizzed themselves on definitions beforehand, either. I really screwed up mid-terms, and was slightly below average. So I guess I should emphasise that finals are important for this module, because I must have did pretty okay since I pulled through in the end.

Too bad I realised it too late. Seriously, even if you have really little to say, at least say something, so you accumulate a few points. Just make sure you ace it, like everyone else. Unfortunately, most other people finished the paper too, so it was down to class participation and I paid the price for my silence throughout the semester.

The most important tip? Be consistent for this module. I tried to burn midnight oil and mugged for this entire module in reading week yep, barely touched the textbook throughout the sem.

I attended no lectures, except for the first weeks. After that, I just left the webcasts till reading week. I performed fine, I suppose, relative to the rest of the batch which took it that semester.

The finals were difficult…really difficult. However, the good thing was that everyone found it difficult, so I guess the bell curve evened out in the end. The project is an important component.

Class participation is important. I participated almost every other week, which was why I think I still did okay even though I totally crashed and burned in finals.

The bell curve for this module is moderate. As with marketing, class participation makes all the difference. This module is basically about management structures and how to manage people, etc.ACC FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING MOCK FINAL EXAMINATION 5pm Wednesday 28 April Time Allowed: 2 hours _____ INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES 1.

This examination paper consists of SIX (6) printed pages and FOUR (4) questions requiring written answers.

Acc1002 mock paper

ACC – Managerial Accounting My second accounting module in NUS, and similar to ACC, it was another calculation-based module. Since it was a level mod, I expected it to be harder than ACC but it ended up easier, much easier.

Financial Accounting Practice paper Acc End of Year by tiffany_yi_6. ACC AY SEM 1 ESSAY DRILL 1. NUS Business School Page 1 Documents Similar To ACC EOY Essay Drill.

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financial accounting 1. Uploaded by. Louella Gudes. Problem Solution. Uploaded by. NATIONAL UNIVERSITY OF SINGAPORE NUS BUSINESS SCHOOL ACC FINANCIAL ACCOUNTING MOCK MID-TERM TEST September Time Allowed: 1 Hour Question Booklet _____ INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES 1.

This test paper contains THIRTY (30) multiple-choice questions and comprises NINE (9) printed pages. Nov 09,  ·  Financial Statements Paper There are for basic financial statements in accounting Each one of these statements has their one nook within a company either negative or positive. The four are; the balance sheet, the income statement, the statement .

Mock Test Paper 1 Time Allowed: 1 hour and 15 minutes _____ INSTRUCTIONS TO CANDIDATES 1. This test paper contains TWO sections and FOURTEEN printed pages. Documents Similar To ACC Jan Mock Test 1.

Mass Allocation. Uploaded by. Norman_Alwyn. CCP Uploaded by. api Mass Uploaded by. Reddy Sree. Business.

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