An analysis of mary anne warrens work on affirmative action

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An analysis of mary anne warrens work on affirmative action

The Leo Frank case is also a way to show: The non-Jew is consequently an animal in human form, and commanded to serve the Jew day and night.

He may treat her as he treats a piece of meat. Non-Jewish Children are subhumans. Gentile girls are in a state of niddah filth from birth. One can see the almost uncanny family resemblance, especially if little Mary Ann had grown up to middle age.

This book is the best attempt of all the books on the subject at creating an even-handed review of all the remaining documents on the trial and conviction of Leo Max Frank. New Horizon Press September 15, What makes this book so unique is it provides an intimate view of the Frank-Phagan case from the grandniece herself of blue-eyed little Mary Anne Phagan, the victim.

Mary Ann Phagan was born on Thursday, June 1,and was raped with some unknown object, slammed against a lathe and strangled to death on Saturday, April 26, by her Jewish boss, Leo Max Frank.


To this day, Jewish organizations lie that Frank was innocent and a victim of antisemitism. The most they could get to reverse the guilty verdict of history and many courtooms was to get a pardon innot an overturning of the guilty verdict.

Mary Ann Phagan, a resolute and beautiful girl who fought like a tiger when attacked by the Jew Frank This is the most even-handed book ever written about this Jewish-Gentile conflict and its contentious aftermath over the last hundred years. Sunday, April 27, at 3: The pencil factory closed in due to the scandal.

When Lee completed his business and went to check the back door of the cellar service ramp, something out of the ordinary appeared faintly in the darkness. As he held his smoky lantern closer, it appeared to be a dead child, who had been horribly mauled.

An analysis of mary anne warrens work on affirmative action

I made an examination of the privates of Mary Phagan. I found no spermatozoa. On the walls of the vagina there was evidences of violence of some kind. The epithelium was pulled loose, completely detached in places, blood vessels were dilated immediately beneath the surface and a great deal of hemorrhage in the surrounding tissues.

The dilation of the blood vessels indicated to me that the injury had been made in the vagina some little time before death. Perhaps ten to fifteen minutes.

An analysis of mary anne warrens work on affirmative action

It had occurred before death by reason of the fact that these blood vessels were dilated. Inflammation had set in and it takes an appreciable length of time for the process of inflammatory change to begin.

There was evidence of violence in the neighborhood of the hymen. It appears, and this is extremely unpleasant, that the fiend penetrated her dry vagina with his finger or some other smooth object such as a broomstick, which left no splinters to cause trauma and pain.

At death, the heart of course ceases to pump and blood pressure drops drastically, resulting in little blood flow. This supports the belief that Mary Ann fought off her attacker vigorously until her head was smashed against the lathe. Then she was further violated while alive….

Mary worked for hours at the eraser tip machine, which was near the lavatory. Leo Frank, who did all payroll, lied in court that he did not even know who she was. He also drank a pot of coffee every day, and as nature called frequently, he passed by her work station on his way to the lavatory.

Most of the laborers at the NPCo were pre-teen and teenaged children who worked 10 hour shifts 5 days week and a half day on Saturday, toiling for mere pennies an hour. After discovering the dead little girl, Lee rapidly climbed the ladder in the base and steps from the lobby to the second floor business office, to call his superintendent Leo Frank, but after eight minutes of trying, no one answered, so Newt called the Atlanta police.

The grisly discovery launched an investigation that began precisely at 3: Anderson, was notified by a telephone from a frantic black man about the discovery. What happened next was revealed at the Leo Frank trial three months later, as first responders described in detail what occurred between 3: At dawn, after the police had failed to reach Leo Frank by phone all night long, they finally got through to him at 7: After Leo Frank claimed to be unsure about the identity of the dead girl at P.

Saturday, April 26, at Monday, April 28, at 9: Tuesday, April 29th, at This was his last day of freedom.Advances In Fire Debris Analysis, Mary Williams.


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MD and Mary Ann Howlond, Pharm D, New york City poison Control. Immediately introduced Mary Warren's character. This quotation lets us know immediately that she is extremely timid, and very naïve. The fact that this description is provided in the stage directions illustrates that this is Mary Warren's true character, as opposed to .

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