An executive summary report the bmw

How to Write an Executive Summary by Beverly Bird - Updated October 25, You might have a great idea for a worthy project, but it could go nowhere if the report you've prepared to support your pitch remains unread. An executive summary condenses the report into a succinct overview, bringing the most important information to the forefront — literally. You want your reader to be able to get through it without investing a lot of time that he may not have at his disposal.

An executive summary report the bmw

Executive Summaries Provide the Essence Executive summaries complete the report, whether an analytical report memo or whatever.

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Executive summaries are the parts of the reports that are read first. Readers may not even get to the detail in your report. They read the executive summaries to see if the rest of the report is worth reading.

Sometimes the executive summary is called an Abstract. You usually find that designation in scientific papers and academic efforts.

You can also call the Executive Summary simply a Summary. If you call the Executive Summary a precis, you are probably misnaming it. A precis is usually a sentence summary. Abstracts Differ from Executive Summaries Abstracts differ from executive summaries, because abstracts are usually written for a scientific or academic purpose.

You see abstracts related to scientific lab reports. You see abstracts related to databases, where a summary or abstract of the article is given.

First, prepare a topic sentence that encompasses the entire article or whatever you are summarizing. Next, prepare two or three subordinate sentences that support your main idea or topic sentence. Then, tie everything together with transition and logic.

That is a well-written abstract.

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You say what you have to say, and stop. The executive summary will probably be one or one and one-half pages by the time you finish writing. The executive summary will appear after the transmittal memo and just before the first page of the analytical report memo.

In the executive summary you will probably want to put the Issue Problem and Purpose in the first paragraph. The Scope and Limitations as well as the Alternatives Procedures will go in the next paragraphs.

An executive summary report the bmw

The Significant Considerations, Analysis, and Decisions will comprise the final paragraphs.An executive summary is the mini version of any important document you write. As such, it should touch on everything in your report. Like your main, larger document, the executive summary is formal because it accompanies formal reports.

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY This report provides an evaluation and analysis of the profitability, liquidity, capital structure, asset management, working capital and stock price of Pensonic Holdings Bhd. Methods of analysis include trend, horizontal and vertical analyses as well as ratios such as Debt, Current, and Quick ratios.

Other calculations include Operating Cycle, Time Interest Earned, and Total Asset .

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