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Posted under Potpourri blogs Tuesday July 17, Former President Corazon Cojuangco Aquino, unknown to many, herself spread fake news in to save her plummeting popularity, according to former Senator Juan Ponce Enrile. President Aquino claimed in her State of the Nation Address in July before a joint session of Congress that her administration built a total of 3, kilometers of major roads and 18, kilometers of feeder roads from to

Cory aquino

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Pawikan via Wikipedia Who is he? Why is he a suspect? The initial evidence seemed credible but it was outnumbered by those that suggest Galman was a mere fall guy. On the day of the assassination, Galman was supposedly killed to deflect the blame from the real culprit.

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They were allegedly killed as part of a military cover-up. The remains of Anna Oliva and her sister, Catherine, were later recovered in a sugar cane field near Capas, Tarlac in November, The Sandiganbayan eventually rejected the theory suggesting Galman was the prime suspect.

The wound of entrance back of the neck, just Cory aquino the left ear was also higher than the wound of exit chin which suggests Cory aquino the trajectory was downward and the assassin was positioned slightly above Aquino.

Lastly, it seems highly improbable that Galman was able to get a. Interestingly, there were two. Octavio Alvarez, the former chief of the Metrocom Intelligence Group, and was reportedly stolen from him.

Arnulfo de Mesa, Technical Sgt. Why are they considered suspects? According to eyewitnesses, it was the military escorts—not Galman as what earlier reports had suggested—who actually killed Aquino.

They were held guilty of double murder and named C1C Rogelio Moreno as the assassin.

Cory aquino

Acosta, filed a new motion to grant them a third trial. The rest of the convicted soldiers, meanwhile, were granted pardon by former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in March One of the richest men in the Philippines, Danding Cojuangco Jr.

At that time, Cojuangco was also in conflict with Cory and his cousin-in-law Ninoy. Cojuangco was implicated to the murder when Pablo Martinez, one of the 16 soldiers who were convicted in the Aquino-Galman case, named the former as the mastermind behind the assassination.

Martinez, who became a born again Christian inrevealed in his affidavit that three top military officials assigned him to escort Galman from Carlston Hotel in Pasay City to the tarmac of the Manila International Airport on the day of the assassination.

Incidentally, Gosuico was a known associate of Danding Cojuangco, and this is when the Danding-did-it theory got started. Authorities said it was an accident, but his relatives believe otherwise. Ver was indicted by the Agrava Commission in as the mastermind behind the Aquino-Galman case.

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The Agrava Commission was established in October under the orders of President Marcos to further investigate the Aquino murder.

However, the fact-finding board recommended no charges against Ver, and he was acquitted in by Marcos. A Tale Of Two Presidents: He was my brother at the University of the Philippines.

And we were friends.Nov 01,  · Television host Kris Aquino has expressed gratitude to President Duterte for sending flowers to her parents at the Manila Memorial Park.

Cory aquino

Kris saw the President’s gesture as a sign of respect towards her parents- the late President Corazon Aquino and Senator Ninoy Aquino. Yesterday, the 9th anniversary of her death, brought back memories of an icon of democracy. Born on Jan. 25, , Maria Corazon “Cory” Aquino was the sixth of eight children of Jose Cojuangco.

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Corazon Aquino, in full Maria Corazon Aquino, née Maria Corazon Cojuangco, (born January 25, , Tarlac province, Philippines—died August 1, , Makati), Philippine political leader who served as president (–92) of the Philippines, restoring democratic rule in that country after the.

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