Dr viorel mihailescu

Vasile Macovei - bassoonist About the conference Major national and international personality of the Romanian culture, a classic of our music, Ion Dumitrescu -composer, teacher, musicologist, conductor, writer, correspondent member of the Institute of France - Academie des Beaux-Arts - and the Academy " Tiberina "from Rome, is commemorated this year at the centenary of his birth.

Dr viorel mihailescu

Sincethe NEC community of fellows and alumni has enlarged to over members.

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In New Europe College was awarded the prestigious Hannah Arendt Prize for its achievements in setting new standards in research and higher education. New Europe College is officially recognized by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research as an institutional structure for postgraduate studies in the humanities and social sciences, at the level of advanced studies.

Focused primarily on individual research at an advanced level, NEC offers to young Romanian scholars and academics in the fields of humanities and social sciences, and to the foreign scholars invited as fellows appropriate working conditions, and provides an institutional framework with strong international links, acting as a stimulating environment for interdisciplinary dialogue and critical debates.

The academic programs NEC coordinates, and the events it organizes aim at strengthening research in the humanities and social sciences and at promoting contacts between Romanian scholars and their peers worldwide.

Meanwhile, the institute was also officially recognized by the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research as an institutional structure for postgraduate studies in the humanities and social sciences.

The first generation of five Fellows of the newly founded institution often met informally, hosted by welcoming friends; NEC later moved to a rented flat, then to a small house, and finally to the house on Plantelor Street property of the Swiss Confederationwhich became its home.

The Institute gradually opened its doors to scholars from the neighboring countries, and over the last years to the world at large, so that currently the number of international scholars invited here in the framework of various Fellowship programmes exceeds the number of Romanian Fellows.

They are coming to Romania and to the NEC for five or ten months, to live in what for many of them is a new urban and cultural environment, to devote to their research, and to share their ideas and projects in a free and unconstrained exchange. Sincewhen it came into being, NEC has supported through its Fellowship programmes hundreds of Romanian and international young researchers, by providing appropriate conditions enabling them to work on their individual projects, and by establishing a strong network among academics, locally and internationally.

Over the years the Institute has acquired a unique position in the region and has established itself as a research center of international repute. Alongside its Fellowship programmes — and often in connection with them — New Europe College has been hosting an ongoing series of lectures given by prominent foreign and Romanian scholars, for the benefit of academics, researchers and students, as well as a wider public.

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The College also organizes international and national events seminars, workshops, colloquia, symposia, book launches, etc.RECENT ADVANCES in ENERGY and ENVIRONMENT TECHNOLOGIES and EQUIPMENT Teodor-Viorel Chelaru, Cristina Mihailescu, Ion Neagu, Marius Radulescu.

Environment Protection by Reducing Pollutant Emissions 62/A, Dr. Victor Babes str. Baia Mare ROMANIA E-mail: [email protected] I Hudac Viorel România Revista este realizată de Facultatea de Educaţie Fizică şi Sport Galaţi Autorii răspund pentru conţinutul ştiinţific al lucrărilor publicate.

dr. teoretice din domeniul nostru.E. implicaţiile în societatea management. Ileana Pintilie, Dr., Reader – Western University, Timisoara, Romania Andrei Pippidi, historian, Visiting Professor la Universitatea din Amsterdam, Visiting Professor - Central European University, Member of the Presidential Commission for Analysis of the Communist Dictatorship in Romania.


Dr viorel mihailescu

Salzitsa Anastasova, Queen Mary University of London, UK Dr. Camelia Valeria Dinca, INFLPR Magurele, Romania Dr. Mihaela Badea-Doni, ICECHIM Bucuresti, Romania. The Team General Manager - Sanda - Livia CĂTANĂ Assistant Director - Claudia Pop Technical expert (GIS) - Michaela Mihailescu Expert technical (programming) - Lavinia Lupu Technical expert (Project Manager) - Petra Szavics Viorel Boca Experts with the role of Officer of the contract.


Eco Living House Appeal to the Parliament of Romania and to the European Parliament sent by intellectuals, more than one million trade-union members, and six NGOs. By law, the addressees are required to reply within thirty days.
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Signatories to Sorin Iliesiu Report Condemning Communism in Romania In the main square, the place where protesters gathered, an atmosphere of sadness dominates, accompanied by forced chants, bored clapping and alcohol whiff.
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