Hrm in public banks in bangladesh

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Hrm in public banks in bangladesh

Finance Companies Of these, there are four nationalized commercial banks NCB5 specialized banks, 11 foreign banks, 26 domestic private banks and 4 Islamic Banks currently operating in Bangladesh. Human resources is also the name of the function within an organization charged with the overall responsibility for implementing strategies and policies relating to the management of individuals i.

Human resources purpose and role: Human Resources may set strategies and develop policies, standards, systems, and processes that implement these strategies in a whole range of areas. The following are typical of a wide range of organizations: Recruitment, selection, and on boarding researching 2.

Organizational design and development 3.


Business transformation and change management 4. Performance, conduct and behavior management 5. Industrial and employee relations 6. Human resources workforce analysis and workforce personnel data management 7.

Compensation, rewards, and benefits management 8. Training and development learning management 9. Implementation of such policies, processes or standards may be directly managed by the HR function itself, or the function may indirectly Supervise the implementation of such activities by managers, other business functions or via third-party external partner organizations.

Compensation Management is an integral part of the management of he organization. Compensation is a systematic approach to providing monetary value to employees in exchange for work performed. It may achieve several purposes assisting in recruitment, job performance, and job satisfaction.

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It is an organized practice that involves balancing the work-employee relation by providing monetary and non-monetary benefits to employees.

It is a tool used by management for a variety of purposes to further the existence and growth of the company. It may be attuned according to economic scenario, the business needs, goals, and available resources. Compensation Management contributes to the overall success of the organization in several ways.

To be effective, the managers must appreciate the value of competitive pay, their human resources, and have an investment view of payroll costs. We want to maintain pay levels that attract and retain quality employees while recognizing the need to manage payroll costs.Purpose:This paper sets out to explore the Human Resouces Management pracites in Public banks in Bangladesh, specially in Sonali Bank Limited.

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Hrm in public banks in bangladesh

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Hrm in Public Banks in Bangladesh. Abstract HRM has been much talked about and written about in recent years.

Human resource department is an essential part of Banks in Bangladesh. An organization is valueless without its manpower/human resource. Human . 21st Century Security & Electronics Ltd 21st Century Security & Electronics Supplies Ltd was created to provide high level security equipment & systems to Governments, Law enforcement and reputable agencies in the Caribbean region.

HRM Practices Banking Sector of Bangladesh - Assignment Point