Writing with a fountain pen calligraphy

Writing with a Fountain Pen This is the pleasure.

Writing with a fountain pen calligraphy

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Making converts everywhere I go. What is so great about them? Well, for me, they not only make the writing I do easier, but they help me when planning my short stories and novels.


I discovered the fountain pen back in At that time, fountain pens were not cool. To use one invited stares and derisive comments. The pens drew me because my cursive writing had fallen into disuse and was unreadable. I took up journaling to counteract this, reasoning that if I wrote one entry a day in cursive, my penmanship would improve.

The more I wrote with the ballpoints, the more my hand cramped. I googled about writing and learned that fountain pens need not press onto the page as you write. You hold them at an angle that is more comfortable for the hand. You could write more words and for a longer time with a fountain pen than with a ballpoint.

I had to try it. The inexpensive Chinese model I bought to find out if I would like writing with a fountain pen was easy to write with.

I loved the feel of the pen in my hand, the myriad of ink colors to choose from, and that I could select different nibs to change the way my words looked on the page. I went from using a standard medium nib to a fine nib and to an italic nib, which is a smoother version of a calligraphy stub nib.

I became hooked on the pens as a hobby. I own many colors of inks, but basic black is my main color for the creative process and record keeping. I also use a Platinum Plaisir for autographing my novels out in the field. It is a pen with a cap that keeps the pen from drying out for a long period.

My readers love seeing the pen and it makes the autographing process a little more special. Do I love fountain pens because they are an aid to my creative process as a writer, or do I use paper notebooks as a writer because fountain pens are fun for me?

My process of writing developed at the same time I started my fountain pen hobby, so who is to say? I use fountain pens mainly in the brainstorming process of stories and poems.The fountain pen was invented to be the perfect calligraphy pen with such elegance and style for the purpose of gorgeous writing.

This is literally as good as it gets when it comes to any writing experience. Calligraphy, the ancient art of creating letterforms, can be done with a number of different pens, including fiber-tipped pens, fountain pens and dip pens.

While there are countless types and styles of pens, assembly of the pen is basically the same.

Writing with a fountain pen calligraphy

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This Pin was discovered by Bridget Lane. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. A lifetime writing with the ballpoint and minor variations on the concept (gel pens, rollerballs) left me unprepared for how completely different a fountain pen would feel. The price of a fountain pen is determined by the material used for the barrel and cap.

The nib and feed system come next. Finally, is the packaging; the box it comes in.

Hello! I primarily write Spencerian with a fountain pen. : Calligraphy